Suceed with C.R.E.E.D.

The Legacy Continues

Kappa Boulé established a Youth Development and Creative Leadership Program in 1996. Since then, Kappa Boulé’s, Award Winning, Social Action Program – Succeed with C.R.E.E.D., founded by Past Sire Archon Norman Thomas, Sr., has served thousands of African American students in the Atlanta Public School system.

The acronym C.R.E.E.D. represents a system of beliefs and principles:


A pledge to do something
A duty, obligation, or burden
The knowledge or skills obtained or developed by a learning process
Something in which a person or surpasses the ordinary and becomes superior
Controlled behavior based upon the acceptance of rules, beliefs and authority

Students, are identified in the sixth grade and mentored through high school. Kappa Boulé Scholars are exposed to local and international affairs, the justice system, health professions, the economy, industry, science, etiquette, parliamentary procedure, and pertinent current issues.

Succeed with C.R.E.E.D. participants are taken on trips to places of interest in Georgia and surrounding states. In recent years, participants have visited the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, the Tuskegee Airmen Museum, Rock City in Tennessee, and Dobbins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia. Locally, students have been exposed to the Aviation Career Enrichment (ACE) flight school, and colleges and universities in the Atlanta area.

To promote greater diversity and interests in pursuing careers in entrepreneurship, banking, architecture, engineering, construction, the fine arts and health careers, Kappa Boulé partners with other organizations and professionals in Atlanta to provide curated educational experiences for our students.